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In the early 90’s only a few basketball clubs served the Hamilton area. The expansion of the NBA into Canada sparked greater popularity for the game of basketball and a definite need for more clubs. It was an era where schools and coaches rivaled each other to recruit the best players in hopes of winning championships and possible scholarships to American colleges or universities.

In 1994, the late Joe Ditrapani, Dave Strecker, Frank Ciotti and Brian Coruzzi together formed the Hamilton Selects Basketball Club. Their program was designed to win by developing the skills of players in the Bishop Ryan community. Within a few short years, the club grew rapidly and grass roots basketball was now feeding the Bishop Ryan school program.

The demand became so great that the club divided in two streams. The Hamilton Celtics, serving the Bishop Ryan community, and the Hamilton Selects, which would serve players attending other schools who needed a place to play. Players from Cathedral, Brebeuf, St. Thomas More, Cardinal Newman, and Saltfleet formed the Select teams.

At its peak, the club had 22 teams enrolled and registered in the Ontario Basketball Association ranging from Atom up to Premier Women.

In 2001, a group of girls that had played together since 1996 won Bishop Ryan’s 4th OFSAA Provincial Championship at the Quad A level. They proved that a school team could win with their own feeder-school players without the need of recruiting. It took several years of hard work and dedication but the point was made; not one player was an out-of-boundary student.

Unfortunately, the club folded in 2007 without fresh leaders prepared to step forward and carry the torch. In the year 2018, the club has found interest from several young, energetic, certified coaches who brought back the program to serve not only the Bishop Ryan community but the whole community of Upper Stoney Creek and beyond.

The next chapter is ready to be written…

Celtics House League

HCB’s re-creation is long overdue and we want to help facilitate local talent to grow and develop successfully. It is a goal of this association to build healthy relationships with the club participants as well as the communities it serves. We will provide a positive learning environment so that the children enjoy activity and feel fulfilled throughout the training process.

The house league will serve as the foundation that will help nurture and develop their skill sets further. Our aim is to keep the children engaged so their interest does not peak but rather grow. By doing this there should be a natural progression so that they continue to strengthen the foundation and compete at the higher levels. We want our lessons in sport to transition into lifestyle choices. All lessons, friendships, memories can then be carried from the club to community and life. Come and be a part of our lifestyle, come and be a part of the CELTICS

Celtics Rep Basketball

It is a highly intense program for athletes who are selected to compete at a higher level. This program provides the players the best opportunity to expose and showcase their talent by trained and qualified coaches. It is open to all players but is contingent upon try-outs and selection by the coach. The main focus of this program is on the players’ development of fundamentals and team concept. Rep Basketball would be for those who want to challenge themselves at a higher level than House League.

The players’ commitment to a Rep basketball team is essential to the development of the players, as well as their respective team. Players need to establish priorities upon playing for a Rep team, which includes family, school, relationships and/or extra curriculars. The Hamilton Celtics Basketball Club supports that any family or school issues take precedence over basketball. The players have to be committed with motivation to learn to improve to play at a high level. Learn More

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