Hamilton Celtics Rep Program

Rep Basketball would be for those who want to challenge themselves at a higher level than House League.

What Is Rep Basketball?

It is a highly intense program for athletes who are selected to compete at a higher level. This program provides the players the best opportunity to expose and showcase their talent by trained and qualified coaches. It is open to all players but is contingent upon try-outs and selection by the coach. The main focus of this program is on the players’ development of fundamentals and team concept. Rep Basketball would be for those who want to challenge themselves at a higher level than House League.

Players’ Commitment

The players’ commitment to a Rep basketball team is essential to the development of the players, as well as their respective team. Players need to establish priorities upon playing for a Rep team, which includes family, school, relationships and/or extra curriculars. The Hamilton Celtics Basketball Club supports that any family or school issues take precedence over basketball. The players have to be committed with motivation to learn to improve to play at high level.

Parents’ Commitment

The parents’ commitment is essential. They must ensure that their child can attend all practices, games, tournaments, and events. They work in coordination with their child in their overall attendance and commitment to the team. Since the coaching staff will be by a voluntary basis, parental support and participation are expected in one way or another.

Typical Schedule

Practices are typically scheduled twice a week, for 1.5 hours each session. Optional practices are based on the discretion of the coach, which could be based on tournaments or preference. The type and number of tournaments will be determined by the coaching staff, which will be within communities in Ontario, or even into the USA. Exhibition games could also be arranged, at the discretion of the coach, and would most likely be on occasional weeknights or weekends.


The cost for each team will vary based on the length of the season, and the age group of your child. These will be discussed with the respective coach upon selection into the team.

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